The Healthier Lifestyle You Miss Due to Traditional Cigarette Use


Of all the unsafe and unhealthy habits you partake in, smoking is, probably, the most dangerous.  For that reason, you should think of quitting so that you can benefit from a healthier lifestyle. One of the top options in that endeavor is to switch to electronic cigarette use. Here are the reasons why you need to replace smoking conventional cigarettes with e cigarettes.

Your blood pressure and pulse rate will get back to their normal levels when you quit. There is a high likelihood of blood clot formation in your vessels due to tobacco use, and that increases your chances of suffering a stroke or worse.

Your tolerance for strenuous exercises reduces when you smoke traditional cigarettes because the functioning of your heart and lungs is diminished. The fact that there is a reduction in oxygen reaching your body’s cells also plays a part in this since carbon monoxide, which is abundant in your blood, cannot be used for cellular function. Also, the temperature of your feet and hands will stabilize with just a few hours of not using conventional cigarettes.

Mental decline takes place at a faster rate in persons who smoke regular cigarettes than those who don’t.  It doesn’t matter if you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or male or female. Besides, there are long-lasting chemical alterations that take place in your brain when you smoke. The scariest part is that their effects are similar to those caused by cocaine or heroin. Know more about ecigs in

Studies have shown that lupus, an autoimmune condition, is most prevalent in conventional cigarette smokers. Though its symptoms are usually mild, severe cases have been documented with tissue damage, pain, and inflammation throughout the body being common consequences.

The most dreaded consequence of using traditional cigarettes is cancer. Some of the common forms of it include those that affect the lungs, larynx, bladder, stomach, and cervix. You don’t want such a condition to affect you since the possibility of getting fully healed after treatment is slim even with the medical advances available. So, the best way is to switch to the safer alternative the best electronic cigarette uk since it will help you eliminate the cancer-causing agents getting into your body.

Your looks will change with your teeth, fingernails and face being the most notable areas that will show improvements. The yellowing that you experience on your teeth and fingernails will stop, while your skin will no longer have wrinkles but appear smooth and young. You might also want to the out the best electronic cigarette for more info.


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